These forms must be printed, completed and signed, then returned to the nursery before they come into effect.

Application form - fill in and return if you would like your child to have a nursery place in the future. 

If there is a big difference between the date written on the document and the date you hand in the form, the latter will be noted and taken into account.

                 Parents's contribution on entry

This form contains information to help us get to know your child as they start nursery, and their key person will use it to start their learning journey.

 Please return a completed registration form if your child has been offered a place, just before, but no later, than their first day at nursery. 

 Nursery staff are trained and prepared to give a nursery child some medication, subject to parental permission. A consent form must be completed before this is possible.

                                                  Media policy

This lays out the rules and responsibilities related to taking photos and use them to provide rich and informative picture of your child's time at nursery.